This page contains some personal information, what is of interest, something about my web experience, high school and college education.


Lived in the Pacific Northwest (Oregon and Washington) most of my life. Born November 1964 and raised in Portland Oregon up until 1972, family moved to Troutdale Oregon in 1972 and lived there from 1972 to 1990, current location since 1990 is somewhere inbetween Washougal and Skamania Washington on the foothills of the South Washington Cascades above the Columbia River Gorge area.


This website and maintain it. Visit websites and forums listed on the links page as much as possible. Some days may spend good part of the day watching some (or way too many) youtube videos.

My primary computer runs the latest Bodhi Linux (64 bit) and its without any other operating system. In all the years of computing have never been a fan of dual booting, one running and working OS is it.

Also have an early 2000's computer that runs Microsoft Windows XP Professional SP3 and used primarily for Microsoft Visual Basic 6 Professional to create simple no frills programs, see this page for available programs.

When possible will get into the car and get away with only a flip-phone (no internet access) for awhile and experience whatever the great outdoors has to offer. As for locations, quite limited where I can go driving at in a car, will try some decent gravel roads for the feeling of being off the beaten path.

Web Experience

It all started back on March 01, 2002, teaching myself from various websites over the years, for many years it was mostly learning from such websites as W3Schools and PHP, before these two websites, it was from various other media that I actually do not recall what was used back then. Still reflect on W3Schools and PHP websites from time to time when I can not recall or remember how code should be written for whatever reason, there is always something in the need of learning anyway.

No matter how much is learned, this website will always be simple and will always be my DIY project and that'll never change.


Graduated from Columbia High School in Troutdale Oregon back in May 1984. On another note about high school, was 2 years older than classmates.

Went to Western Business College (when it was called this) in Vancouver Washington from August 1998 to January 2000 for Operations Specialists. Distance learning through Penn Foster in Scranton Pennsylvania from January 2001 to April 2002 for Visual Basic Programmer. Accomplished these two colleges for personal reasons.